Terms and Condition

At CompAcademy, our missions say’s strong to get the best knowledge. The following highlight detailing based on which any argument may be taken ahead.

Further everywhere( WE, I, we, We, CA) CompAcademy refers to only and only Kunal Chandiramani in every context.

  • CompAcademy can change any content at any time and context or statement followed at any time without giving any prior knowledge and must not be questioned whatsoever.
  • No content belongs directly to CA and is in the ultimate ownership of the creators and is based on our partnership apart from content originally created and labeled with CA as the creator
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  • Any information of any sensitive nature may not be sent to anybody but kunal@compacademy.in with a carbon copy to kunal@kstar.in to be considered.
  • In conditions of a dispute, CompAcademy holds right to change any statement, turn any condition void any you may not use any material here in any way as that would lead to an unsparable crime against the policy of use, terms and privacy policy, privacy statement and privacy management.
  • In case of an authenticity failure, all receipts, documents, proofs, highlights, and documents must be forwarded to only and only kunal@kstar.in with a  carbon copy to info@kstar.in to be considered

By stating the above, CompAcademy holds all rights.